June 15, 2011
By Anonymous

We’ll do it all on our own.
The dreaming,
Filling in blank thought bubbles
And figuring out what’s making
Our heads spin, and our stomachs
Flop upside down and land perfectly.
Receiving a standing ovation.

But then we realize that we think to
Much so we leave the thought bubbles
And we realize we made the other
Crazy and their head spin, and their
Stomach flop upside down and land it,
Receiving a
Standing ovation.

So we take the others hand,
And we sing along to “Drops of Jupiter.”
Eat food that tastes like plastic,
And drink cheap coffee and watch those old
Romantic comedies, especially the ones
With Tom Hanks.
Who we’d established as the greatest actor
Of all time, a long time ago.
And we’ll do it all on our own.

The author's comments:
well, this bloomed out of a chunk of writers block that had been hammering at me from like days.

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