Why Do We?

June 15, 2011
By J Fulgham BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
J Fulgham BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
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Why do we have to cake on makeup but wear confidence on our shoulders,as if it is a burden.Why do we have to wait on Mary Kay, L'Oreal. Mac, and Cover girl to come and save the day. Why can't we just be happy of the way God has
made us. Haven't you ever heard of the term, " Confidence; wear it like makeup?" or does this term not mean a thing to you. Or what about , " you are beautiful no matter what they say" what happens in your mind when you speak these lyrics? Are you just saying them to go along with the lyrics, or do you truly mean them? When I hear these lyrics, I understand that, beyond all measures, I am beautiful, and that nothing anyone says or does can change that. I am

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