Friendship Eternal

June 15, 2011
I feel something cold; it wakes me up,
I run into the street to get away, but I see a light,
It shines so bright, blinding everything within my sight,
I follow it, and it takes me far. To a place I have never been--
It takes me away from the noises, away from the pain,
Away to a place that just isn’t the same.
I cry for help, but no-one answers,
I lie on the ground, and rest my head,
This red concrete is no suitable bed.
I cry for help, but no-one answers,
I feel my heart beating slower, and slower. So slow,
I cannot, feel, anything. I am just, drifting away,
Away from this day, born in the past, but time passed so quickly,
I will never forget those that have been with me.
I cry for help, and realize, my loved ones have always been by my side.
They care for me, and love me so, but it is not my choice, as to when I must fly.
I am sorry for the mourning I have caused,
I will always be with you—just listen for the sound of my paws.

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