Mall Kids

June 15, 2011
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Abercrombie. Hollister. American Eagle.
They stride into the world
With poise and sass and a brand
Of tailor-made pomp.

Pairs of two’s, groups of three’s, packs of four’s
And more. Vicious in their numbers they
Measure each other with stares
And passing glares.

Aeropostale. North Face. J-Crew.
A cock of the hip, a wag of the finger,
Laughs that ring from store to store.

The girl is beautiful, her skin is smooth.
Wannabe wannabe wannabe
A perfect picture on the wall.

They’re Mall Kids. They talk mall talk,
Wear mall shoes, eat mall food,
Breathe mall air and
Live mall lives.

They’re Mall Kids.
Forever running (faster faster) desperate
To catch up, race to the top and
Buy out the Gap.

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