What Happened on Friday

June 14, 2011
By DancingInTheRain SILVER, Toronto, Other
DancingInTheRain SILVER, Toronto, Other
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It's Saturday morning
I'm lying in bed
The sun through my window
Is hurting my head

Last night was a party
That I can remember
But the rest of my mind
Has been stuck through a blender

I remember a cup
Shiny and red
And the sweet sickly syrup
Got to my head

There was also a boy
In a black leather jacket
Who shared too much
Of his bottle of plastic

I can also remember
Dancing around
With my friend and another
Who danced like a clown

The music was loud
Lots of people were dancing
Although it was crazy
It was also enchanting

I ended up falling
Quite a few times
And doing things
I wouldn't do otherwise

I guess that's what you get
When you know the password
And you're a little too eager
To get completely plastered

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