Teenage Rebellion

June 14, 2011
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I am from the never-ending school days that drag on and on
From the teachers lectures crowding my head
To the obnoxious kid picking his nose
From the many clichés to the those so full of conceit
And the classification of style
I am from the overflowing halls of the institution we call high school

I am from the juveniles stealing lunch money
From the judgmental stares
To the hours spent doing homework
From the thousands of students looking for a way out
And the hundreds who don’t yet know what they want out of life
I am from the first day of the rest of my life

I am from the honor students
From the goody-too-shoes to the rebels of this miniature world of our own
To the illusion that everyone has a future out there somewhere
From the days when elementary school seems so far gone
And the realization that the real world if just around the corner
I am from the fear of millions of high school students

I am from the best years of my life
From the carefree days to enjoy being a teenager
To the many parties of the year
From homecoming to prom in a minute span
And the popularity contest for best-dressed
I am from the foolish idea that this is what teenagers are all about

I am from the college-bound process like so many others
From the deep desire for success and the determination to prove so many wrong
To the numerous hours spent on extracurricular activities
From ACT scores to valedictorian
And those who have the passion to make the most of themselves
I am from my destined future

I am from the football games to the late night hangouts
From the girl fights to the many threats of peer pressure
To thousands scared of what lies next
From sweet sixteen to adulthood
And the anxiety to leave home for good
I am from a normal, stereotypical teenager

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