Angel of Mine

June 14, 2011
By Lauren Rich SILVER, Spring Hill, Tennessee
Lauren Rich SILVER, Spring Hill, Tennessee
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Angel of Mine
Your favorite color was red
To signify the depth of love in your heart
So full of compassion it could’ve burst

Angel of Mine
You touched us all in the most beautiful way
To the very depths of not only our hearts
But our souls
You taught us the best kind of love;
Eternal love

Angel of Mine
You were the golden mother
And the perfect Nana
You taught us to be who we are;
And to be proud of that

Angel of Mine, Nana
You’re our pride, our joy, our angel now for eternity

Angel of Mine
We will never forget you
We will never forget the indention you made upon us
We will never forget the love you shared
We will never forget the warmth of your embrace
You will never be forgotten

Angel of Mine
Our hearts are at ease
You are free of your pain
Your courage and strength will forever remain
Your love will always linger

Nana, you’re our Angel now
For now, for Eternity
Forever will you be in our hearts
We Love You, Angel of Ours

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