jump into the fire

June 14, 2011
By Anonymous

IF you could see things thru my eyes,
you would see that nothing i said were lies,
I meant what I said and I still do,
from that last June I revealed I loved you.

Though we can never be together,
my heart broken unwhole forever,
the sweet memory of you I cant forget,
the loving boy I once met.

10years has passed sisnce my arranged mate,
seeing you here now Iknow its fate,
Im sorry I put you through that pain,
but I was forced-it was inhumane.

The arranged wedding killed my sole,
my body and i wasn't whole,
I still can feel your warm touch,
oh how i missed you oh so much.

Here is were I met you that fateful day,
all these memory here at bay,
turn around now-let me see your face,
let my heart skip a beat and feel the bass.

as he looked over his shoulder-I saw his beautiful smile,
my eyes met his-we were suddenly by the nile,
lost in our own world of fantasy and desire,
our lips met-our soles touched as we jumped into the fire.

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