A Hopeful Soul

June 14, 2011
By Avallon GOLD, Portland, Oregon
Avallon GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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We fall down. We get up. We try to hold our head up when life pulls us apart. We fight and we bleed but all we ever need is something to hope for.

I hate that I let people get to me. I hate that I always try to please everyone. I hate that I give people what they don’t deserve. I hate that I’m so insecure. I hate my need to be liked and accepted. I hate that I plan so much for the future. I hate that I eat so much junk food. I hate that I can’t focus. I hate that I procrastinate. I hate how much I check facebook. I hate that I always look at the negative side of things. I hate that I care what other people think. I hate that I am a quitter. I hate how easily I lose things. I hate how unorganized I am. I hate that everyone in my life is changing. I hate that I don’t know what I want.
I look in the mirror. What do I see? I face. A face that is lost. Blank expression, think lips, pale skin, big nose, wrinkles from worry, thick eyebrows. And big brown eyes. Intense. Deep. Dark. Mysterious. Shining. I peer a little closer. I look straight at mysel. Into my eyes. Behind all the discomfort, pain, confusion, and uncertainty, I see the light. A glimmer. A bright glow. I see hope. I see possibility. I see a small but powerful glimmer of hope, working its way to break through.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I needed hope and inspiration. I hope any readers will find this hopeful as well.

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