Help Her

June 14, 2011
By Anonymous

There is this girl out there hurting.
Help her.
She doesn't know what to do.
She cuts, and cries.

This girl walks around with a smile,but on the inside her heart is crying, screaming. At night she does what she wants, she doesn't make a sound, just lets tears run down her face. That's when it hurts her the most. At night, when she is physically and mentally alone,no one can stop her, she shakes.

Her fears face her. but she doesn't run, she sits there afraid, alone,crying. She is tired of running, all she wants is to be held, cared about. But no one will ever care about her.

She goes to counseling, but doesn't say a word. It's silent. That's all her life is.

Fake smiles, tears, and silence. She gets recognized by her parents only while getting beat, or yelled at. She is always trying to hide her cuts and bruises, but every one knows. Even though they know about her, they don't say a word.

She cries in the silence, dark, and when she is alone.

Once in a while her smile isn't fake, her hurt goes away, and she remember what it was like before she had her own personal HELL.

But she can't change the pass, only wish that her future's better. She wishes on stars, but they don't help. She is stuck in this world where nothing is right, and everything is wrong.

If anyone told some one how bad her life is, her life could be amazing, unlike now. Only god knows what would happen. She is living now, but that can change very quickly.

Life seems to get easier, but its really not. This girl thinks she deserves to be alone, be in pain,and smile about nothing.

Life will get easier as she grows up, but somethings will just get worse. She'd lost all hope.

No one will save her. She can't fix it herself, and no one will fix it for her. She is just gonna have to suffer.

Are you gonna help her? or let her cry herself to sleep once more?
Be her hero, her knight in shining armor.
Guide her out of the dark. Please. Just help her.

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