Lying Promise

June 14, 2011
Your long & slender,
You tell lying promises,
You promise to love,
But you bring hatred,
You promise to give life,
But you take it,

You reek of cancer,
Yet your addicting,
People crave you,
Crave your temporary relief,
The more they crave you,
The closer you bring them to their death bed,

All the while they believe your lies,
Even when they are hacking the life out of their lungs,
Even when you make their children suffer,
By making them watch Mommy or Daddy slowly die,
I can always tell when you been to the lips of an innocent,
Because they reek of your cancerous ways,
Their once beautiful teeth & nails,
Are yellowed by your lies,
Their lovely voice is as rough as sandpaper,
yet when they die,
You move on to your next victim,
Never caring,
Never loving.

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remorseispower said...
Jul. 16, 2011 at 2:11 pm
I love this peice. You really captured the effects of smoking. Im sorry about your grandmother...maybe you should show her this may make her stop. i wrote one simial but it was about alchohol. it was for my cousin who was contiuosly drinking
AZTEC replied...
Jul. 19, 2011 at 8:42 pm

i show would show her but she gets really mad


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