Broken Chains

June 14, 2011
I’m sorry, babe, that I had to break your heart
I never thought anything would tear us apart
But you crossed too many lines
And you pushed your luck for the very last time
That is why I had to let you go
You should’ve known

When we met, I loved what you were all about
You made me feel like a princess day in and out
But then you started to change
And you threw my emotions all out of range
How could I believe you loved me so?
I should’ve known

You’re a drunk, a liar, and controlling too
Your laugh is annoying and your jokes are crude
You disrespected my mom
And anyone who does is as good as gone
That is why I stopped picking up the phone
You should’ve known

So I said, “Sorry, Carlton, but this is goodbye.”
And when I did, I heard you break down and cry
You pleaded, “Give me a chance.
If I change for you, will you please take me back?
‘Cause losing you cuts me down to the bone.
I should’ve known.”

Then there came the day you said, “I must confess
I’ve found a new girl now and her name is Jess.”
And I said, “Well, that’s okay.
‘Cause I wasn’t gonna take you back anyway.
Who knew I could be so happy alone?
I should’ve known.”

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