ignite tonight because i want it over

June 14, 2011
By Katelyn Rader SILVER, Sacramento, California
Katelyn Rader SILVER, Sacramento, California
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sweet dreaming my darling because reality sets in tomorrow
and it ain’t even pretty.
the life around you will crumble and the waves will never subside.
but know,
in the end,
if you’re there,
you’re strong and you don’t need the moon and the sun to create day.
you only need the creator.
tomorrow life will go on.
but it might be harder.
the weeks might be longer and the sky most definitely not be clearer.
the path won’t be straighter yet it’ll be narrower because you’re alone.
in solitude. this is where you will find yourself in the hardest times,
on the edge of complete loss of direction, hope, courage,
but it is here where you will become great.
you will become the person named You.
You will make it through tomorrow.
You will make it through the rough days, the hard months.
You will make it through for yourself
because the creator has shown you the way and made his mark clear upon your body.
He has created You to survive.
so You will.

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