June 14, 2011
By GraceFaith BRONZE, Charlevoix, Michigan
GraceFaith BRONZE, Charlevoix, Michigan
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In a world where war replaces peace
in a world where hate is greater that love
in a world where appearance is judged
in a world where beauty is more than heart

this is the world we live in
this is the world we grow up in
this is a world where we are nothing

a world where we are worthless
a world we can change
but the problem is
we don't want to change

we're stuck in a rut
and we don't want to get out
we are to ignorant to see
to see that this world is cruel

this world is cruel and mean
and we won't change
we won't even try
we'll let this world rot before we change

we must change
we must rise up and fight this mean world
we must try
or we'll all die

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