Songs of my Life

June 14, 2011
Track One: Fall for your type

I swear I always fall for your type
Falling in love again and again,
Knowing deep down that you’re Mr. Right
But sometimes you treat me worse than a friend.

I try to always be there for you
Support you when you need me,
Always telling me what to do
Surprised that I didn’t flee.

Wanted you to be mine
Because you were so fine,
To leave you and be fake,
A chance I could never take.

Infatuated with your eyes
Your piercings, your tats, and your little prize.
For you to cheat on me with her
She must have been your cure
`Cause the last time you’ll see me is now
For you will be asking “How, who, what, where, when and why?”
Have a good day babe, farewell and goodbye.

Track Two: Unthinkable

Moment of honesty
Where you told me everything you did in your past honestly.
I believed your every word
And thought it was meant to be
Sometimes I can’t think at all,
About how much I like you.
I’m starting to have this feeling that I’ve never felt before,
And I can’t take it
I cannot fake it
It’s a feeling I cannot possibly ignore.
I was wondering baby,
Can we have us some lazy?
Silly unforgettable
Memories that is crazy.
Event though you’re beautiful,
You can never play me
But if you ask me I’m ready.

As you walked up to me
You told me you had this magnificent dream
A dream that you and me can win by slowly conquering
You said “Fly like a butterfly, and sing like a bee!”
I never knew how much you meant to me
I couldn’t see it,
I never believed it
As we grow together I love your mentality
I was wondering maybe
Can you make me your baby?
So we can do the unthinkable
And have good times daily
If you ask me I’m ready

Track Three:

Remember those walls I built
Well baby their tumbling down,
Damn I had to turn up the lights
`Cause you didn’t even make a sound.

I found a way to make you good
Cause I know you lived in the hood,
Now standing in the light of your halo
I see my angel now.

I’ve been struggling and faking
Shaking and baking,
That the risk that I’m taking
I will never ever shut you out.

Never will I see you pout
I’m surrounded by your good grace,
Baby I can see your halo
Staring me in the face.

Track Four: Boyfriend #2

Boyfriend # 10, cause the first one don’t know how to get it in.
Boyfriend # 9, cause he’s really, really, really, really fine.
He’s making me blind.
Boyfriend #8, he know damn well he’s fake,
Something I can’t take.
Boyfriend #7, seems like he’s 11
Boyfriend #6 went from playing on the sticks, to being in a fixed …... JAIL!
Boyfriend #5, has hives
Boyfriend #4, is a man whore,
And wore my favorite juicy couture.
Boyfriend #3 is now a she!
Boyfriend #2, knows exactly what to do,
Never makes me feel blue,
Never has the flu,
Even though he has been the zoo
Has a side that is cruel,
Has a side that’s cool
Loves splashing in a pool,
And acting like a fool.
Boyfriend #1, will always be the one ?

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