Untold Story

June 14, 2011
By jessburns1894 SILVER, Islip, New York
jessburns1894 SILVER, Islip, New York
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So this is how it goes the story that was never told.
She didn’t understand. She told the truth but YOU didn’t believe her.
After all those tears she cried you called her a liar, and you left her with emotional scars that will NEVER go away. Now she lies just to try to please you because when the truth comes out you don’t trust her. You put your hand on her and beat her. Leaving bruises. The pain she felt was horrid. You beat her with a large metal spoon till you lost your energy. When she threaten to tell someone about you. You said it wasn’t abuse. Just because you only beat when you patience runs out doesn’t mean it’s not abuse. Till this very day you beat her maybe not as bad but you still do verbally abuse her and sometimes physical. Till this very day she doesn’t call the cops because no matter what you may do to her. In her eyes you’re always going to be mommy. Her mommy that raised her, taught her how to talk and walk. Every night before she goes to bed she kiss’s you and says “I love you mommy”

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