Love drains sleep

June 14, 2011
My eyes, I swear, weigh a million pounds.
As I lie in bed at night, in a world free of sounds.
The darkness wraps around me like blanket warm and tight.
The sun must have burnt out, there's no way tomorrow will bring light.
This atmosphere is perfect for a perfect night's rest.
But thoughts of you run though my head as I wish it were upon your chest.
And even after I've conquered the challenge of getting to bed.
I realize you're still in my dreams, still running through my head.
Your bright blue eyes still lock on mine and you still flash me a grin.
Yes, even when I'm asleep, I can't wait to see you again.
It's amazing how perfectly your hands fit in mine.
& i can't believe the sight of you still makes my heart beat faster every time.
I never thought my lips would tingle after every single kiss.
To be honest I never thought someone could be as perfect for me as this.
It's not only when I close my eyes, no this dreams for real.
When it comes to you, I know exactly how I feel.
Now as the darkness thins and I say my goodbyes to the night.
I know this means I'll see you again, so I gladly welcome the light.

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