the kid

June 25, 2011
you all know the kid. the one you
see in the hallways or on the field.
the one working his butt off, who
never seems to give in. the kid you
think is absolutely crazy. the kid
you wanna be. he gives 100% of him
self to himself. for himself. the kid
who shows us all. he tries and tries
until he succeeds, and he does succeed.
he is the kid you cheer for, you hope
for, you want for. he is the one you
cry for when he falls, but he is the
one who picks himself up and just
keeps going even then. he works
and works and knows that yes he is
worth working for. we all know the
kid. the kid who gives it all. the kid
who wants it all. the kid who's got it all.
the kid that’s just waiting to break away
from the grasps that tie him down.
because we have tied him down. yes,
we all really know the kid. the kid that
is inside us all. the one that only very few
know how to let be free.

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