June 14, 2011
By Rose93 BRONZE, Perry, Kansas
Rose93 BRONZE, Perry, Kansas
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You met him in the 7th grade,
He was your best friend,
He was there for you through everything,
Through your depression,
Through your pain,
And one day you finally gave in,
You started dating him,
6 months together and you start feeling this way,
You have a weakness and adoration an enchantment,
Feeling like you’re in paradise you overlook the sincerest words from your friends saying how arrogant, cocky, vain, bigheaded, and narcissistic he really is,
As you disregard the comments you fall for him,
Head over heels in love,
You lose sight of reality and the truth of how he is really treating you,
You look past him being hateful and heartless,
And the way he slowly abandons you,
You start feeling agony,
You’re hurt and crushed by your crush,
He leaves you with nothing,
No more happiness,
No more ecstasy,
No more bliss,
You have been deserted,
Left to be alone,
No one to hold your hand,
No one to share your love with anymore,
You start to grieve your in misery,
You listen to music to make the pain dissipate,
And just as you start to pull through,
The next song reminds you of him,
As your song comes on it upsets you,
You can not breathe,
There is a very hurtful pain in your chest,
You feel like your dying,
Dying from a broken heart,
You gave him your everything,
In a few short days he took everything you ever had to give,
And he gave it away like it was nothing,
Then you start to realize,
Love is not always truthful,
It can leave you in pain,
Or leave you with the feeling of butterflies dancing in the rain,
But it never seems to last,
Days go by and pass,
It goes way to fast,
Thinking your in love and one day maybe marry him,
But a week later,
You get heartbroken with the pain of loosing him,
When he says “I don’t love you the way I used to”,
You think the pain subsides, but it stays too deep inside, you try to move on,
But months go by and on,
And you’re still in shock,
Heartbroken with the pain of loosing him still in love,
You get to the point of not talking to anyone,
Leave me alone is what you’d say,
You start to cry everyday,
You want everyone to just go away,
You’re so depressed that you can’t rest,
You want to run off from your normal life,
Because your parents remind you,
Bring it up day after day trying to look after you but it kills you deep inside to be reminded of,
Who you once loved and who once loved you,
The only way to cope with the pain,
Is to pretend to go on with your day,
Secretly wishing he would come back and say “I love you forever and I’d die if you ever went away.”
But the truth is he will come back and take a little more,
Pick at you till you can’t take it anymore,
You shout at him,
But you can’t stay mad because you’re so in love you can’t see,
Love has made you blind,
When all you want is to say he is mine,
You become things that you never thought you could be,
Mean, rude, a flirt and jealousy takes over,
Maybe one day you can get over him,
But you can’t find a way until that day comes,
And once it does,
You can have that Joy back in your heart,
You get everything back,
It’s hard not to think you will get attacked,
After a year and a half,
Finally you are back.

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