How Can I Wait?

June 14, 2011
By Agarwaen SILVER, El Paso, Texas
Agarwaen SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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How can I wait?
It seems so long of a time.
There’s a reason why I don’t have a special person to share my life with,
But it’s so hard to not just go out there on my own and defy You.
You’ll pick the right person for me when the time comes.
For now You gave me the best of friends that a girl could ask for.
But it just seems unfair that everyone around me has a special person already,
When they’re starting off in life it seems.
I want to do You’re will,
But it’s hard.
I know that You’ll give me the strength to wait.
I know that You’ll find the perfect person for me.
Someone that will love me for me.
Someone that has strong faith in You,
And won’t lead me astray.

How can I wait though?
I want to share this life that you have given to me with someone that would be mine.
Someone that I can share my experiences that will happen with.
Someone that I can find shelter in their arms.
Someone that would love me no matter what I were to do.
I want someone that would say I was beautiful,
Even if I were to be covered in tears and snot.
I want someone that would say I love you every morning when he got up.
I know that You’ll find me someone with that and more.
You’ll find someone that would make me question,
How did I live without this person before?
They would be my best friend.
Someone where they knew what I was thinking,
Without me having to say it.
Someone that would be able to predict how I would react to situations.

How can I wait?
I can wait,
And live my life to the fullest with friends.
I can read Your Word while I wait.
I can read about all that You promised me.
You can give me the strength to get through this.
You never put me through anything that I can’t handle.
I have family that can give me support while I wait.
I can grow strong in You while I wait,
Making the wait seem shorter than it is.
You would want to make me happy,
So you’re waiting till the right moment
When I can meet my special person.
I can get through this.
Only with You can I.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for all the people that are waiting for the right person to pop up in your life. The waiting can be brutal, but if you keep faith in God, it doesn't seem so long. Also, for a plus, you'll only have to be with one person from the very start instead of dating countless amounts of people throughout the years. Keep your eyes toward Him!

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