The Orange Tree

June 14, 2011
By Dustin Burch BRONZE, Prineville, Oregon
Dustin Burch BRONZE, Prineville, Oregon
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Do you know that I like to watch the leaves fall?
They fall like those boats swim in the water.
Sometimes I wish I was one of them. A boat.
Happiness. That is what happiness is. Those things.

Like times I’d watch dolphins jump sideways
And frogs bend backwards for it. To feel it. Or a
Bird - falling star - crosswords in the morning -
Just breathe with me. Here. Breathe with me here

Like dragon flies breathe fire from the smoldering
Blanket of fear. Don’t listen to them though.
Instead, cut into your skin. Cut deep into your skin
With the knife I forgot to take out. The one that

I had forgotten to hide. Please take it. I don’t want
You to leave it here. If you do it will be forgotten
And I don’t want that at all. I just want to watch
Those boats so I can remember. I wish to remember

Those frogs and dolphins bending towards the love
They feel for the world. Bending towards the hate
They encounter in the world. Maybe I’ll catch a
Glimpse of them bending so far back their bones begin

To break. Maybe then I’ll be able to snap a picture of
It. I just want to be able to feel what we all crave. Feel
That want in another. I just want to feel happy
Again. Even if it’s disrupted by animals bones breaking.

At least then this would be worth something. Bend with
The dolphins, Lucy. I don’t want to see you break.
If you break here, you forget everything. I’m sure as most
All would be, you don’t want that. Not at all.

With the quill of tomorrow’s light, I want you to look
Through the glass of the ocean. I want you to swim with
Those dolphins, swim through their eyes and into their
World. Be expressive and imaginative and really breathe

Life. I think I’ve forgotten how. Lucy, paint that tree.
Paint the tree. That giant orange tree you always hide.
That’s happiness. It’s the happiness I see in your eyes.
It matches the orange tree like the dolphins match the waves

And the frog matches his Lilly pad. The difference is
Inside. The frog wants not what that dolphin wants.
If the whole universe looked through your heart it would
See something beautiful. It would see the deep colors of

Red and yellow, blue and green, meshing with the idea
Of an eternal fragrance. Your fragrance. Without that,
I don’t know who you think you’d be. You need that, Lucy.
You need for the light of tomorrow to shine through to you.

Without the color of your soul you have nothing
To remember. I saw this, you see. I saw that you
Had nothing to remember. I saw that when you and
I rested upon the beach, you loved the idea of

Swimming with the dolphins we watched dive through
The air on the horizon. You loved the idea of lifting
Your fingers, and climbing into the dark orange color
Of the sky, as the sun fell into the water. You told me

Then that’s where you wanted to die. Well, Lucy, so
Do I. I wish to die there with you. I wish to die in the
Petals of the wind, and the spray of the ocean waves.
Here on this earth is no place to live, for it’s the
Beginning of Life. Wherever your heart lies is where

Your soul will lie in eternity. So where will you lie?
With the dolphins in the ocean? In the sky with the
Sun? Or will you hang from the orange tree, I’ll tell you
Where I’m going to be. I’m going to be lying in the

Sand. Lucy, I’m going to go back to that beach, and
Bend towards what I used to love so dearly. Most of all,
I’m going to feel happy again. Then I’m going to watch the
Frogs each the last of the dandelions. Come with me.

The author's comments:
I saw what I though David Lynch, Lars Von Trier, and Virginia Woolf would see with love and an Orange Tree. Though my Orange Tree seems to involve a lot of dolphins for some odd reason. And, perhaps, too much bone breaking.

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