Summer Sun

June 14, 2011
Life is in motion.
A constant spin,
A spin that leaps forward,
Faster than the mind,
But cannot reverse.
More life, more,
Discontent dully echoes,
In a world where our days,
Are taken for granted.
We wish for what we’ve left behind,
We tell of our dreams that lie ahead,
So is it discontent,
Or instead passion,
That steer our lives?
Or regret and resentment,
That tells our progress to be still.
Oppression likes to dominate,
And keep our progress as people on hold,
But it can’t.
The ever-evolving people of this world,
Do not take “still” as an answer.
Life can become habit,
Or life can be an addiction.
We chose,
We live,
And I say,
Today, we live.

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