Gates of Freedom

June 13, 2011
By TheCCao8 BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
TheCCao8 BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
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Feet pounding on the asphalt,
Surrounded by towering concrete giants
That shroud my view of the horizon.
The gum-laden asphalt and
The ugly weeds protruding
From every carefully placed cracked,
Making this lively world into a desolate one.
I struggle to fill my chest with pure air,
Only taking in the smoky clouds contained
In this wretched stone cage.

Breaking out of confinement,
The smell of the pines
Fill my chest with vigor.
I see the far horizon, and see the birds
Racing from tree to tree with the aura of vitality,
And see the natural cracks sprouting
Vivacious blossoms.

The marshmallow dirt molds itself
Around the shape of my feet, guiding me,
Leading me deeper into
The life of the world.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece, thinking of a song made DJ Contacreast. He makes dream trance and I think the song, Gates of Freedom, has a real serene tune. I tried to convey the feelings I felt when listening to this song to the freedom of running in nature.

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