June 13, 2011
By Onitai SILVER, Iwakuni, Japan, Virginia
Onitai SILVER, Iwakuni, Japan, Virginia
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Love is blinding
Like looking at the light of the sun
But it can be helpful
There is someone you’ve liked
For a certain amount of time
But they never come to you
Then there’s someone
You’ve never seen in your whole life
They confess their love for you
And you reject them
So you come back one day
And confess your love for them
And they reject you
That’s it can fire back at you
Love is never ending
There is someone out there for you
But there is a small amount that you can get the same one again
Some people believe in soul mates
Ya’ know
You see a person and you think you two are
Meant for each other
Or you can see the little symbol on the other persons head
Soul mates don’t exist
God will put you together
With someone he’s says you are meant for
Someone that needs you
Someone that you don’t even know
Love is great
Love is kind
Love cannot always turn out right
But in the end
There is always a way to change it

The author's comments:
It was just something that I was also thinking about from my experience.

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