Miss Misunderstood

June 13, 2011
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On the outside
I might have a lot of friends
But really
I’m shy and wanting love
I never really show my real self around others
And I really never go to the state of having to
I’m just one girl in a big world
My eyes are filled with sorrow and pain
Most people don’t notice it
Through my smile there is agony
There was nothing I could do
My life is different from others
I’m different
This is why I have a small group
Of trusted friends
And a special someone to talk to
When I’m in times of need
I never wanted to be born this way
But how much of a difference would it make
If I were normal
I wasn’t born to be normal
Back in the states
My nickname was
“Miss Misunderstood”
I didn’t understand why people would call me that
I try to talk to someone
I’d fail in doing so and run
It’s hard for me to express myself
So that’s probably the reason why
I’m shy, quiet, but
I’m loving and very aggressive
A small group of friends is okay with me
I’ve always been misunderstood
Even by my own parents
They don’t know who I really am
Inside I’m hurting
Outside I’m smiling and laughing
I need that to convince people that
I can be your friend
Just give me a chance
I can’t express my true self
It’s always been in my eyes
I never let myself go
It’s seems as if
I keep this up
This is who I’m really gonna’ be
I’m still called “Miss Misunderstood”
But now I know what it means
They’re calling me that to hurt me
The throw me down
Take me deeper until I can’t take it
I will never listen to them
I will never under estimate someone like them
I know I’m misunderstood
I know I am different
And I know that I can’t count on anyone else
To do things for me
I can only be for myself
My lover
I can never show you my true self
But you can look in my eyes
And figure it out for yourself
I named myself for my own benefit
So I can forget all those
Who have harmed me with words
“Sticks and stones might break me bones
But words with never hurt.”
How can you shatter a shattered heart?
Its mystery
I am “Miss Misunderstood”
Showing the world
This is me.

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