The Scientific Terminologies of Love

June 13, 2011
By yaaadriel SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
yaaadriel SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
"Travel the world and learn that what we have in common is far greater than how we differ."

Law of conservation of love,
Your love cannot be created nor destroyed,
The energy you bring me is extremely thermal,
Quite intense and very internal,
Nuclear because of the happiness in my core,
You split it sometimes and its actually a bore,
Though you hurt me once and awhile,
You always attract me with your magnetic smile,
The chemical fuels in my soul,
Plus the physical attraction,
No repulsion involved,
North and South poles are always together,
You are my North,
And I am your South,
Forever and Ever.

The author's comments:
I thought it would be interesting to combine or collabarate science and love into one beautiful piece of art.

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