Inside a Watermelon

June 13, 2011
By ClassyGurlDignified BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
ClassyGurlDignified BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
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There is a big outer shell around me
A magenta pink middle to satisfy thee
To many secret seeds to spit out at once
Sometimes the sweet in me is hard to trust
I may be big but there's a lot of quality
There are a lot of details that are unsweetened
I sprout by the grace of the sunlight
To make sure I'm growing up ripe
A juicy flavor that blasts vigorously
But outside are stripes that are seen
I want to be treated with tender care
Cause there is more than enough of me to share
My body is round and has little shape
Well to me that's part of why I'm so great
Most people say I'm hard to cut
But really I'm easier to crack than a nut
My hard exterior has got me far
So now I have to raise the bar
My journey is never going to end
To you sincerely your watermelon friend

The author's comments:
Knowing that I'm one person and this huge world inspired me and if i be a known person by the whole world I have to be true to myself

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