My Darling Unborn

June 13, 2011
Sometimes it's like this isn't happening
but this is as real as the pain caused by the boy who created you
I fear that you might turn out like me
I fear that you might not be strong, that this cruel world will be to much for your innocence
that you might turn out like your father
or even worse, like your mother
She was a benefit, such a shame
America's sweetheart fallen from grace
Society reincarnated what was once a good girl
Self worth destroyed by a false impression and a crooked smile
Phone calls keeping a mind preoccupied after the clock strikes twelve
A wicked witch who wrote words of pain while an indecisive boy wrote words of love
This is a story for you
The innocent
The darling unborn
Never seeing the light of day
Would you like the name Holly?
What about Claire?
Would you like to have a father that actually cared?
I bet your smile would light up a room like your dads does
Maybe you'd have eyes like your moms
Would you be classy?
Or would you be just another girl who was just something to do on the weekend?
No, you'd be a charmer
You'd shine like the light from the sun
This is a story to you
My lovely innocent
The story of a simple Sunday afternoon
A day that changed a life forever
A story about a boy who was who scared to care
About a girl who stayed strong with a broken heart and did what was best for you
So this is an apology, a story to you
My lovely innocent
My darling unborn.

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