I just wanted a hug

June 13, 2011
By IwritetoInspire BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
IwritetoInspire BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Life isn't a fairytale. If you want the Prince, you have to get him yourself."- Me "Life is not judged by the amount of baggage you carry, but by how you carry it"- Mika Ruder (I think she made it up, Im not sure, so sorry if someone else said it!)

Today was the very last day
Before we parted our separate ways
I began to cry, the pain was too much
Shrinking back at the slightest touch

For soon enough, we'd be at our stop
And after just one quick block
You'd go one way and me the other
Pretending indifference to the other

I started crying as you made fun of me
But not because it made me lonely
I cried because I wouldn't ever see you again
For you thought only families were never end

We got off the bus and I began to tear
Desperately trying to skip back a year
You got off and my arms ached to wrap around
But instead, I shuffled and stared on the ground

I asked for a hug and I got a denial
Rejection washed through, the taste was like bile
Yet my arms still yearned to reach and to tug
And so you heard me say: "I just wanted a hug."

The author's comments:
The last day of school. Yes, this sort of happened. No, I didn't get a hug. Oh well.

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