I love.....

June 13, 2011
I love your smile, your hair, your eyes
I love the way you always act so wise
I love your body, shape and smell
Each day without you is my own hell

I love your voice, the way you talk
I love how my heart had only one lock
And you have the only key
How each day you unlock a new piece of me

I love what you do, anything you say
So much that I let you have your own way
I love your huge capacity to love
The way you treat her like a dove

I love you so much and still you don't see
How each day without you kills a piece of me
You can't possibly fathom my depth of emotion
The wholly way I give you my devotion

I love the sunshine, the snow and the rain
Days without you still bring me pain
No matter whatever the weather may be
I'll still always wish you loved me

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