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June 13, 2011
With vodka in my blood,
I stumbled blindly on Creamery Road
while dragging my load of
nightmares behind me. Yet I smiled
at that 2 AM open sky
and didn’t even bother to wonder why
I finally caught your gaping eyes.
Seeing with our hands,
your image was clear to my fingertips,
and my breath lingered on your lips
as we laid on each other’s hips
over bloody blades of grass.
Hours passed so fast
and entirety’s shadows cast
across the ground; and I found
that before I even saw you,
I fell within the holes of the street already
and I fell hard.
Gravel in my wounds,
scraped knees and palms,
noticing how calm
I was after tripping face first,
I’ve realized that out of all of the
things that could happen
this is not the worst.

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