The Unknown

June 13, 2011
By naterator BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
naterator BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Motion, commotion, masses of movement
Legs, one in front of the other
A small glance, a brief smile, a false hope
"Hurry now, no time to lose" they say to themselves 
And ever plodding on

One by one, we close our eyes
Unaware the breath we just took would be the last
Now the darkness comes up to greet us
But what then 
At the brink of conscious existence
Do we know what waits behind our closed eyelids
When the beating of our heart halts
The final synapse of our brain fires
What awaits us?

When the loved ones you have left behind
Attend a funeral in your honor
Will their trepidation of death make them weep
Or rather the thought of you no longer here 
To comfort them, to make them laugh, to listen to their reason
Cause a most unbending affliction

Yet the years go by, and by
Life has almost regained its normalcy
They begin to realize that maybe you aren't gone 
No, you are watching them
Although the eyes may not see you
The heart feels you
Bringing with it a pleasant acceptance 

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