And then She Came Along

June 13, 2011
By , Everson, WA
i guess i was behind a huge rock,
Hiding and just being By-passed,
Had the enough shade to live okay,
Then one day: She came along,
She Moved The boulder from in front of me,
i was in utter sun light: No longer behind the rock I'd hidden behind of,
i Needed and wanted to back in the shade behind the rock,
where no one would find me and i was okay,
She didn't let me go back: instead she told me...
Behind a rock you're okay anyone could be, but if your in front of a rock you can see further into the distance than if you sit behind a rock and just be and feel "okay",
I now live in the sunlight and stand no where close to any boulders I've walked so far in the distance they're so far behind me.
Every so often i come upon a boulder and go behind it to look for anyone stuck behind then.
I've found some of them,
I guess they were behind a rock,
hiding and just being by-passed,
Had the enough sunlight to live just okay.
Then One day: I Came Along

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