Bloody Night

June 13, 2011
By Tyler Rollins BRONZE, China, Maine
Tyler Rollins BRONZE, China, Maine
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It was a Thursday night.
I was skating on my pond
with my brother.
We decided to play pass with the hockey puck.
My other brother was getting his skates on.
Then when my brother and I were playing pass he said
I was slow to react
I felt something nudge my head
the next thing I'm on the ice.
I got up slowly
pain throbbing in my head
I looked down and saw blood on the ice,
A dark maroon on a clear, shiny ice.
And the puck lay there almost laughing at me.
I lifted my hand up to my head then blood was on my hand
my brother skated over asked if I was all right
I said "what do you think?"
He saw my head and swore.
We finally got to my house as my brother walked out the door
As we rushed in the house
we all had skates on so we could not walk on the floor.
My brother crawled across the floor into the kitchen to grab paper towels.
My other brother still trying to get his skates off,
he finally did.
My brother returned with the paper towels
as my other brother called my parents.
It takes us about ten minutes to find the source of the cut
about exactly when we find it my parents walk through the door.
We rushed into the car and going to the E.R.
In the end
I got four stitches in my head.

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