Fairytales don't exist anymore

June 13, 2011
By Crystaline BRONZE, Clavering, Other
Crystaline BRONZE, Clavering, Other
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Two lovers
Broken by the deafening tranquillity
Torn by the love they’d found
Shredded by that love’s stability

One boy
Confused by his admiration
Missing his freedom
That causes the complication

One girl
Searching for her Romeo
Pursuing a twisted passion
Finding a tale of woe

Another girl
He wasn’t thinking straight when he saw
Dressed to impress
Forgot the one he was meant for

Total bewilderment
As he begins to ignore
Total confrontation
The two sides headed for war

The once blue sky
Now reflects a shade of grey
And the once cheerful girl
Becomes weakened by dismay

He won’t admit it
But if the walls could speak
They would have so much to yell
And now their future’s looking bleak

And neither one will ever admit
The lyrics they sing, always the same
So beautifully, so perfectly
He calls out her name

This tape has played on repeat
Spun for far too long
Never any change
From the tragic love song

Each place in the town
Holds secrets untold
Secrets of closed meetings,
And two hearts gone ice cold

She swears to herself
This is the end
As her heart shatters around her
With a mind she cannot comprehend

He’s alone, he’s crying
Without her, he’s nothing
A book with no pages
A puppet with no string

Two lovers.
Both now drained emotionally
Fought their way out
Having resorted to apathy.

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