Will you listen, sir?

June 13, 2011
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Will you listen sir?
I want to be heard
I wake up at 5,
Take shower, drink coffee,
Eat toast and sausage,
Then I leave for office,
Midway I drop jack, my son from my ex-wife,
An ‘A-grader’ sir,
He was just promoted to middle-high,
Are you listening?

Yes, a master’s degree in first class,
Laurels in kindergarten and high school apart,
Is what I’ve earned,
Work! I would swear my honesty,
Isn’t that enough?
How about two promotions in six months?

By 6 I leave,
To be back home,
When midway,
By curt and jack I’m phoned,
“papa curt is planning our dinner out,
Come fast you’re missing on John Cena’s bout,
And don’t forget to bring acrylic colors,
It’s my art class tomorrow”
Says jack,
I stop by the stationary,
And collect his colors,
Add box of butterscotch, and a packet of burger,
Like most parents do,
I’m sure you’re listening sir!

At 7 I reach home,
Curt has already helped jack,
With his homework,
I knock at the door and get embraced,
Jack snatches the packet off,
My hands and runs away,
Curt comes up with a glass of water,
We sit and chat a few moments,
Before I change,
No, not in front of jack and curt,
Sir, in the washroom,
No, not the women’s clothes,
Sir, but my own.

Following our supper at 8 together,
By 9 we are off to bed,
You may as well ask my neighbor,
Back at my place, who had you lead.

Have you listened sir?
That’s all I have to say,
Will you still execute me,
Because I’m gay?

The lawyer stood still,
Harvey had been heard.

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