June 12, 2011
When the entire world has gone wrong with you
With some negative ideas in your mind too
When all the doors of hope are closed
And your fortune is also dozed
When there are no plans for future in life
Without any friends, children or wife
The only thing which is left in you,
The will power which you possess too
It gives a little hope chance,
How to succeed in life and whence
The path to success again does lie
And when you ask anyone to do it why
The answer comes just in life to succeed
For this just you have to do some good deed
And by this you can become famous
But wait for some time and don’t be nervous
And see that the world will praise
The man whom the people will gaze
He, who forgets his miserable past,
And recovers from it very soon and fast
And is back to the way of success
And never do any more mess
Is liable to be the role model of Earth
And his name is for ever and worth.

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Imcool&sexy said...
Jul. 4, 2011 at 12:26 pm

 Its one of the finest poems I've ever read.I thanks and praise the poet of this poem who's seen so much talented by this poem in such young and tender age.

According to me it conveys a very special meaning to a person who has received failure regulaly and want the taste of success.Nic poem.


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