I love you

June 12, 2011
By DallyDee BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
DallyDee BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
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I love you.
Well thinking about it, this is the most common three word phrase that every person uses.
When leaving, we say i love you; for we wont see them until the next occasion.
i love you, why what do these three words truly mean.
We all have regrets, maybe thinking in a way as to it is better to have had the experience whether we lost it or not.
But saying i love you.
I; Giving yourself up. Using first person when saying i to another. Letting others in, leaving them aloud to respond with the same amount of open trust.
Love; Explaining the feeling you have towards them. Whether mutual or not, you are informing them on the great strength you have to say that word to them.
You; Giving them the invitation to respond. To reply also with their open heart. Their love is what you long for. You linger for their comfort of love towards you back.
i love you..
You may not think of all of these explanations when saying it, but it is there, no matter in the moment, or having regret about it later, you have feeling for them.
No matter what others tell you about love and how you are too young or don't understand the meaning, we feel love towards ourselves and within others. We have our own definition and that is love.
I Love You.<3

The author's comments:
jus thinkin bout what it means to love..

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