A Shoe

June 12, 2011
By JiUrSiTs BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
JiUrSiTs BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Don't exspect life to happen
Just hope it does- me!!

Don't be shocked that people die
be surprised you're still alive- Flyleaf's 'Cassie'

What color would you color your black and white world?

I saved myself from tired wars,
and tried to make myself useful
This light we live in is nothing less of a two sided shoe
you can dive the deep end or take the challenge on a road that's strait
either way you'll reach the top
what you will encounter is beyond the telling
of a man who dies desperately for water
call this- what shall we call him?
or can we leave it at man?
there are pictures of this- man
trying to break free
but of what?
or just from himself
this man was nothing more to himself than a side of a shoe
he chose to dive right in
for he believed that was a quicker way
now what do you call this man?
or wanting the easy way out
I saved myself from tired wars
and tried to make myself useful
this dark we sneak in is not as secret as we think
out in the open air you call to the non- beings
being careful not to give off a sense of compassion
what you are scared of can be hidden forever
with the girl who lives by the sea
chant this- what should we call it
a song
or maybe a tribute
the music she wrote was as beautiful
as her long blistering hair
flowing in and out the water
as if she was- what was she?
a princess
a siren
or just in need of some company?
this girl was not as secret as she thought
she took no risk, diving into a deep end
she tested her patients by being lost along a strait route
chanting her tribute
to a man
who wanted the easy way out

The author's comments:
I put hidden meanings in my writings that I think will benefit others. Make them think.

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