Thoughts of You

June 3, 2011
By SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
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"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."

I lie here thinking
on what used to be
the things that happened
between you and me
You left me for the old
I find that cruel
I gave you everything
A friend to you
and platonic
I actually loved you
For eternity
I thought on it
You knew this
you planned to hurt me
from the beginning
You lied about your love repetitively
I, blind to it at first
But I grew aware of it steadily
You showed me little affection
I knew then
the end was near
But I hope it'd never happen
that was my biggest fear
But once it happened
the feelings became clear
you never cared
I was just used to pass time
I will never allow you
to be close to me
Ever again
Now that I think about it
I kinda don't want much to do with you
But you want to be friends
I'm a nice guy
I can allow that
but if/when he hurts you
don't come to me with that s***
This is what I'm thinking
while in reality I'm texting you
pretending to be just fine
but I know
I'm not fine
because you were a waste of my time
you basically committed a crime
stealing a love you didn't deserve
lying about what you felt for me
I don't care about your excuses
they're 100% useless
to me
you will always be
hard to manage
and in desperate need of a bandage
to cover the wound you call your life
and don't cut and slash through mine
making me feel like killing
in my mind
these thoughts
are drilling
you didn't LOVE me
I was just a pawn
so you could get what you wanted
I'm tired of holding this sh** in
now from here I shall begin
Just wanting some affection
you just go on with your little friend
It's your loss
I am the greater man
I'm the f****** Superior Force
You'll never find another better

The author's comments:
I hate holding it all in

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