My All

June 3, 2011
Such a simple request really.
I mean, why should I deny it?
You say in love there are compromises,
But it’s my heart you wish for me to forfeit.
Frustrated, you say “I’m not asking for much,
don’t you love me?”
“Of course!” I reply,
“You’re my everything baby.
”So if it’s what makes you happy…
Then it’s my heart I give to you.
Times goes by
And with it our relationship has grown too.
You begin to speak of possibilities,
you want us to have a future together.
I listen intently
and tell you nothing would make me happier.
I would love nothing more than just that,
but babe I have dreams also.
There’s just so much in life I want to do,
Things to achieve and places I wish to go.
I try to make you understand,
but I just can’t seem to break your resolve.
You ask me to let go of my petty aspirations
And that you were the only thing my future should involve.
……… My silence confuses you
and I see the pain break upon your face.
Mentally, I begin to berate myself
as I reach to comfort you in my embrace.
And if it’s what makes you happy….
Then it’s my dreams I discard for you.
More time passes
and pleasing you remains my exhausting virtue.
Your demands have become incessant,
everything now about you and no longer us.
My own needs I have had to compromise
in order to adapt to my only purpose.
Stressed and at my wits end,
but still you ask me for more.
What else do I have left to offer?
Your pleas I just can’t ignore.
I can’t seem to satisfy you,
every ounce of my attention I dedicate to your desires.
You say your needs should be in my every thought
and my mind is all that it requires.
If it will placate you
then why should I refuse?
Even though I know the cost
and what I’m going to have to lose.
But if it’s what makes you happy….
Then it’s my sanity I devote to you.
Time passes againand our love no longer holds any value.
Now there is only silence...
So I guess you no longer have any use for me?
Despite I had given you everything you asked
even though it had left me empty?
Why couldn’t my love just be enough?
Why did I always remain so passive?
….. Well no longer I will allow
myself to foolishly just give.
I never want to feel
such a void within me again.
You can’t be first anymore
so I know what I must do then.
Everything I had given
I must now undo.
I don’t care if it’s what makes you happy anymore
because it’s my life I will first take back from you.

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