Ordinary Adventure

June 3, 2011
A warm glow brushes my cheek
Stirring my conscious
I stifle a yawn so I don’t wake you
As you sleep so sweetly
Your chest rising and falling with a rhythm I cherish
I trace the fine bones of your face;
The inherited structure
The beautiful lines and curves

The house is quiet as I slip out of bed
The walls are resting, laden with our memories
The floor creaks in the hallway; a charming gesture
In the kitchen the appliances greet me, winking in the early morning sunlight
The honey wood beneath my feet is on fire;
Burning up my bare legs;
Warming me like your smile

I can almost hear you heartbeat from upstairs,
the steady thump that clarifies my life
Oh, dear how much you mean to me
Words could never explain why I feel lonely when you aren’t near
Why I can sense when you walk into a room
The air shifts, and suddenly it’s lighter
And you’re there
My love
Breath on my cheek
I turn and kiss you softly as if to say, “Hello”
Your eyes flutter and so does my heart
Those twinkling greens get me every time
I can see my future reflected there
My past fades away
All of my bad decisions, all of my mistakes
They don’t matter to you
You love me anyway

With you is the safest place I’ve ever been
I’m falling for you now, harder than before
We have our whole young and beautiful lives to spend together
Let’s not waste a second;
The world is waiting darling
Beyond the horizon, glowing unexpectedly
Whispering our names;
Calling us to adventure

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