I Wasn't Ready Yet

June 3, 2011
By TaylorLynn GOLD, Ray City, Georgia
TaylorLynn GOLD, Ray City, Georgia
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Winston Churchill

I’d like to write a thousand letters to all the people I’ve loved, but I don’t have time
my eyes are watery and my hands are shaking even now
I do so hate goodbyes darling
I fear I’ve loved you the most
and now you’re leaving and I don’t know what to do
The sky is growing red and my eyes are bleeding out their blue
The streets are empty
Now it begins to rain
I hate this town, you’ve always been the only reason for me to stay
I’ll walk along with my hands in my pockets -
I see your face in every puddle, I see it in my heart -
buried with all the memories that are to bright for my weak eyes
Darling, how I shall miss you
I’m not sure how I will survive -
maybe after a while it won’t hurt so much
And -
I will look up and see that the rain has stopped
and in its place is a beautiful blue sky

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