I see these things that these people don't?

June 2, 2011
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I see the things these people can’t; I hear the things these people can’t. Maybe I’m wrong maybe this world sees and hears all the things I do. They just don’t do or say anything about them; they close their eyes and look past all of this. This world was cursed from the start, all we want is more. Were all greedy little w*****. The more we get the more we want. We use and abuse, never stopping to think about the rest of the world. The secrets we form, the lies we make, we put everything at stake. Not even to please ourselves, we care more about what people think of us than what the world is going to make of us. Day by day the world is dying. The happiness is failing, and were just pushing it all away. You can’t honestly say that we’ve all done our best, your making this world a mess. A mess that will be blamed on the upcoming generations. What will they do when they can’t walk out of our own front doors? What will they do when everyone, is dying because we’re doing what we think is best? What will they do when hell comes barging in? Just blame the newest members of the world, and start another war. Violence isn’t the answer; we spoil ourselves by creating new inventions. By forgetting who we really are. Raising prices, cutting taxes, starting wars, losing the ones you love, working more, bringing homeless. The government does what’s best. Were all indepent we all live our own lives, so why can’t we? Why is it, that someone always has to make the newest choice? Why can’t we go back, in time to the simpler days? This world, I fear is becoming destruction. This isn’t a test life, there’s only one earth, and you can’t deploy it. Were all guilty of it. But when we get caught we blame others, thinking we’ll be fine. Today, is the day we need progress, we aren’t getting anywhere in life. Were at a stand still. The rape, the murder, the drugs. Can’t we just mug the sun, of its shine? To make a dime we sell ourselves, losing dignity and God knows what else. This life is here, today we breathe tomorrow we suffer with what we fear. Nothings clear, so why fog it up more. The need, for safety can’t overcome the need for carelessness. We speak our minds, only to find that in the end you don’t care. You never planned to use our ideas, you only used our money. You never thought that the world would fall apart. Present day, isn’t a gift. It’s not a choice we live it. We live the consequences we live the debt. We live this world, at the appositive of best. Peace is love, peace is not a war. Peace is safety, peace is not a weapon. Peace is a wealth, peace is not greed. Peace is truth, peace is not the lies you speak. So form a contract make a bill declare a day, for your breaking what’s left and we will pay. Today, we live; tomorrow we face what we’ve done. Make tomorrow a better one. Don’t cover the worlds beauty, were all gifted. Don’t cover the worlds lies, we see in-between the lines. The world isn’t stupid so treat us like you should. Find the way, the way to survive without everyone who dies.

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