June 2, 2011
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I do not care what others say,
White is a color.
It is just simple.

White is everywhere.
All around us.
On a peace flag.
A window pane.

It is everywhere red could be.
Everywhere black could be.
Instead It is just white.

We label things now days.
No more are we individuals.
We are black or tan.
Smart or stupid.

Now we are blond and annoying.
Tall and fat.
Cute and tiny.
Short and weird.

Labels kill.
Like WW ll.
If you were a Jew,
You signed your death sentence.

Labels are only opinions.
However, which opinion is right?
Whatever happened to names?
Why are we only statistics?

Remember, white is a color.
We all bleed red.
So aren’t we all colored?

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