Falling to Rise again

June 2, 2011
I feel that I'm falling either into something right or something wrong...
It’s just that when I talk to him I’m like just simply Happy you know?

He could get a billion other girls and I’m gonna be honest for once I’m jealous of all the girls he talks to and that girl that is “perfect” for him he would go out of his way for her but they aren’t even together anymore. I still try to help them I know a lot about relationships because I want to help people with there marraige when I’m older :/ I just wish I could be lucky once with this guy like I’m legit begging for a chance. I just feel that mabey I shouldn’t feel this way because I haven’t liked some this much from like two years ago the first person I like ever liked was two years ago. I wish he could see what I’m writing but not at the same time but he’s just Nice,sweet,a great listener,humoris,sensative/emotional(like he talks about his feelings) Caring,wonderful,cute excuse my language but he is pretty Damn Sexy! Just everything you really look for in a guy he’s just Amazing no sorry Perfect is a better way to describe him!

To: Bananas(code name)

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