Fake Best Friend

June 14, 2011
By soccer28 GOLD, Setauket, New York
soccer28 GOLD, Setauket, New York
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I have a friend
She thinks she’s the best
But I sense the end
She is only a stress

She talks about her outfits
I could care less
She goes on about her hair
It’s bad, I must confess

All she ever says is a lie,
Nothing is ever true,
She pulls things out of the sky,
And out of the blue.

I am always there for her,
She is never there for me,
I am exhausted from her slur,
Of “Me, me, me!”

Sometimes I want to cry,
She thinks I’m her friend,
and when I say goodbye,
She won’t realize it’s the end

I have a friend,
She is nowhere near the best,
I’m afraid now is the end,
I’ll leave you to guess the rest

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