My boy

My boy
sweet and tall
just how i like them
but he has a spark
something that makes him stand out
among the rest.

i call him my boy
because he's there
when everyone has left
i don't know why
but i get weak
when i look in his eyes

he knows my secrets
he accepts me
even when im far from perfect
i try to be everything he wants
and something he'll miss

by the way he whispers my name
and holds me
in bed
i seem to have
fallen in love
but not once again
i seem to have fallen
for the first time

my boy
answers my calls
drives when im tired
and leaves me petals to follow
back to him
back to his warm arms
that hold me captivated
but i will never try to escape
he knows i'll complain
but he see's my love is never vain

pleae never leave me
my sweet dear boy
because i can't imagine
a day without calling your name
i could never see turning around
and could not call you mine
please honey give me time
and i'll come around

to my boy
i love you
with all my heart
don't step away
without holding my hand
and walking away with me

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