June 15, 2011
By Anonymous

A concept one may ponder as they gaze out at this prodigious ambience in which we all abide
If love were boundless
Would there be dissolution
If love were indubitable
Would there be anguish
If love was the most omnipotent element
Would depression surmount
And coerce one to end their own life
Would there be deceit
There are those who subsist unrivaled
In a phlegmatic ambience
Without the assuaging fabrication of love
They simply are
There are those who persist with pulchritude
Who abide with the reliance of this myth called love
It is but a delusion to keep us sane
But this one who gazes out at a prodigious world
Ponders the concept
That there is dissolution
There is anguish
There is suicide and self infliction
Only to affirm that there is love
If these were none
Would the mother cry for her languid child
Would the widow cry for her deceased husband
Would the young boy cry for his limping dog
Would the one who stares out at a world
Call it sublime
Would words be sung for the dead more often than the living
Would we look to the sky instead of the teacher
Would we be heartbroken when abandoned
The one who says love does not exist
Also says that we are filled with hatred
But if love were not real
Would we have hatred
Would a mother’s kiss make a child well
Would a father’s hand make a soldier fearless
If love did not exist
One would not know how to doubt it

The author's comments:
-Kroper Doise

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