Love Through Distance

June 2, 2011
So many times parted
So many times lost
All that pushed between us
And so much more

Our love kept us close
But our love
It was kept secret

You left me
Gone without a trace
To a land of blood
And death
I cried that night
Wanting to bring you back
Wishing you were with me

Our love kept us close
But though we loved
Our love was turning cold

A year had passed
I hadn't seen you
Hadn't heard from you
And I had gained so many scars
Both emotional
And physical
With many thoughts
That were suicidal

But I didn't pull the trigger
I didn't drink the poison
I just sang my heart out
I sang of my sorrow
Of my pain
And you returned to me

And conflicted
I didn't believe my eyes
You were an illusion to me
A hallucination

More years passed
You and I became friends
Just as before

Our love kept us close
But our love
I had begun to fear it
How could you want me
He had tainted me

Another year passes
More drama
More pain
Conflicting emotions
Of love and guilt
I almost pull the trigger
But you stop me
You take the gun

Our love kept us close
And throughout the distance
Of time and space
It kept me alive
Kept us both alive
I will always love you

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